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Shudh-Labh: Company Profile

Shudh-Labh Solutions, founded in 2014, is the fast-growing waste management organization based in Bangalore, India. The entity aims at decentralizing - sorting, collecting and recycling - all types of domestic waste. As the name suggests, the overall goal is to implement innovative recycle options for increasing profit. Thereby, upcycling dry waste and enhancing the value recovery from waste.

Currently, the entity converts waste into organic compost by using Aerobic Digester, serves 60+ clients. Shudh-Labh is grown as a 50+ member team with five core members and 45+ direct employees. The core team along with the subject matter experts provide consultancy, advisory, mentoring and training related to environment-related initiatives.

Shudh-Labh collaborates with the Apartments, Gated Communities, Hotels, Educational Institutes, Tech Parks and Corporate Giants. The team takes care of installing the waste disposal products and advocating recycling options that improve the quality of life to the greater extent.

Shudh-Labh Strategy


To reduce waste going to landfill by < 2% without polluting the planet


 Implement the best waste management strategies and affordable solutions to the userbase

 Develop decentralized equipment for increasing the value of the dry waste conversion

 Create a distinguishable difference in the solid waste recycling and disposable Industries


 Building Trust based Clientele through transparent processes and commitment

 Respecting opinion, values, beliefs and life goals of the employees and help them to grow

 Advocating open, honest and productive communication as a part of the organizational culture

 Implementing processes wholly based on Values, Ethics and Industry oriented legalities

 Quality Delivery & Service over quantity approach

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Shudh-Labh Journey

The foundation for Shudh-Labh was laid on one fine Bangalore day in 2010. It was a casual day when Mr. Ramanan Natarajan while sipping his morning coffee, looked over his Balcony. The pile of different waste material is creating a small mountain on the road, emanating a bad odor. It was a painful sight to see in a residential area. The thought of getting the fresh air transformed into a grave concern and triggered an annoyance. The longing for his ‘old clean and green Bangalore,’ he decided to direct his anger into a stern action towards managing the waste.

At the same time, the government of India started taking steps by organizing a committee and created a roadmap for sustainable waste management. The committee worked based on seven critical requirements related to waste management Hierarchy reported by the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).

The reports, initiatives from government and the sight across his Balcony triggered a severe thought. Ramanan quit his IT job for 25+ years and started working towards developing waste management strategies. After discussing with his mentor, T Jayaraman laid a foundation for the waste management solutions company in 2014. Mr. Jayaraman, with 30+ years of experience in Energy Management and Frugal Innovation as a mentor, along with few other Environmental concerned professionals as strategic partners, Ramanan founded ‘Shudh-Labh.’

Shudh-Labh is now one of the leading waste management companies in Bangalore. There is a need to address more than 20 interconnected environmental concerns today. The primary aspect here is to build innovative models to manage the waste. Shudh-Labh aims to provide a holistic solution to all the waste managing issues. The expansion plan includes implementation of new products and services towards waste conversion.

What difference does Shudh-Labh make?

  • “You have got to start with the customer experience, and work backward towards technology, not the other way around” – Steve Jobs
Robust Engineering Capability to develop Innovative Products & Solutions

Technology is the ‘present’ and ‘future’ transformational factor of livelihood. Shudh-Labh strongly advocates using technology to manage all the ‘present’ and ‘growing’ waste management concerns. The team has built the solutions based on solid technical expertise so that the impact – processing of waste – is environmentally and financially sustainable. Shubh-Labh is collaborating with EQuad to develop technology products that provide long-term solutions for waste management solutions. This approach creates a positive Social and Environmental Impact.

Collaborative over Competitive Approach as a Value Proposition

The management of waste and reducing the landfills is way too huge a task. It is practically not feasible for any single organization or the government entity to provide solutions single-handedly. To achieve the vision to reduce the landfill by <2%, Shudh-Labh partners with national and international social enterprises and ethical waste management companies. Through such collaboration, the partners complement each other’s strength and provide holistic solutions which in turn help in solving the concerns in the long term.

Cost Effective Solution to the Customers

Shudh-Labh, by optimizing the operational cost, provides cost effective solutions to the end user and the customers. Such solutions help the entity to reach out to more clientele, make significant difference in reducing the landfills, especially in the area of bulk generators.

Empaneling with BBMP

Shudh-Labh is empaneled with BBMP to manage the solid waste management efficiently. As per the BBMP rules, “All gated communities and institutions with more than 5,000 sqm area shall, within one year from the date of notification of these rules and in partnership with the local body, ensure segregation of waste at the source by the generators as prescribed in these rules.”

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Shudh-Labh facilitates the collection of segregated waste in separate streams, handover recyclable material to the authorized social enterprises. Aerobic Digesters process, treat and dispose the biodegradable waste within the premises. The residual waste is given to the respective entities as directed by the local body.​​